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Beat the Plateau of Being a HardGainer

A Hard-gainer is someone who has a hard time gaining any muscle mass or mass in general.

I grew up being a hard-gainer and still struggle with it from day-to-day. It is truly a genetic issue some men and women deal with. I grew up the same weight for 3 years but growing in height very quickly simultaneously. Clearly, this wasn’t a good sign.

After realizing the importance of calories and protein, I was able to easily overcome this huge obstacle I grew up with! I wanted to bulk up about 30 extra pounds and I knew it would be a long journey; but if I worked at it, I would achieve it.

I had increased my calorie intake to about 3500 calories a day and 90g of protein. Working out 6 days a week gave that protein a function as my muscles consistently needed building blocks so they could grow. I have been on this plan for quite a while now, still growing as time goes.

For me it was different though, the weight stayed the same for quite a long time but my figure got much, much more defined. It was almost exponential, it didn’t do much at all for maybe 3 months. After 3 months, my weight skyrocketed. I was gaining 3 pounds consistently with no loss in definition. It feels like my hard-gaining days are over!

I’m going to share step by step advice on how you can apply this to your own life!

Step One: Find Out how many calories and protein you are eating currently

A lot of hard-gainers think they are eating enough of a combination of calories and protein, but that typically isn’t the case. Along with that most hard-gainers don’t eat a lot of calories consistently every-day.

Remember, you may feel like you are eating a lot of calories every single day, but in reality you could be getting the bare minimum of 2500. You won’t gain any weight with that.

So you should go through a normal day just counting your calories to see if you really are eating as much as you think you are.

Step Two: Set your goals

Find out what goals you really want to set. If you want to bulk up, start small. Consistently eat about 3500 calories a day with 90 grams of protein, and you will see results in the following months. I can promise you that.

As you get bigger you will need to increase the calorie amount but 3500 calories and 90g of protein is a good starting point.

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Step Three: Stay on your goals

If you think there is a cheat day or a day to just relax and eat whatever you want, you’re wrong. This is a dedicated lifestyle you have to make for yourself if you really want to beat the hard-gainer difficulty. You need to eat the way you planned every single day or else on those days you don’t, your metabolism will just catch up with you again and ruin all the progress you had for that week.

I can’t stress the importance of staying on your goal enough. If you stay on this lifestyle for 2 months, I can promise growth for anyone trying to get bigger, simply because I’ve seen it work for so many people. If you discipline your body to always have that amount every-day, your body is going to reward you back with some real growth.

Step Four: Exercise

Now we just need to make sure you are actually working out so the weight you gain isn’t fat. This will put the protein to work in your body so you can see some muscle growth within those first two months, not just weight gain.

Make sure you are integrating compound movements because it releases more testosterone and GH in the body and that’s how you break through the struggle.

Compound movements consist of squats, deadlifts, bench, etc…

My exercise plan consists of 6 days a week of weight training and a rest day, typically on Sunday or Wednesday. It really depends on how I’m feeling that week. That rest day allows your muscles to heal from the strain you are putting on your muscles during the week. The high number of workouts helps discipline your body in a way, so you can get past the soreness and just focus on the growth. This is because when you go to the gym so much, your body doesn’t get sore anymore.

Side Tips:

Don’t expect to be gaining weight quickly, you don’t lose or gain weight from one meal. This concept carries over to this situation to tell you its going to take a lot of discipline and repetitive calorie consumption. I’m fully confident you can do it, you just have to know the repetitiveness it takes to beat out this weight gain problem.

You might also just not be working hard enough in the gym. You should learn to practice working out every single day til muscle failure. Of course don’t forget about rest days to allow your body to catch up with you. Muscle failure cannot be mixed up with overtrained muscle. Overtrained muscle is when you are not allowing your muscle enough time to recover from a workout, but muscle failure is a technique to work each muscle until you cannot lift anything with them.

Let me know in the comments below if you are following the steps but still not seeing any results, I’d be more than happy to talk one on one about the situation!

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