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Conquer the Transfer to Veganism in 5 EASY STEPS

I’ve been vegan for 2+ years. Now this has proved many challenges with family and how to eat for muscle growth, but I have figured it out for myself and soon you will too!

Really, I went straight from a carnist (someone who consumes animal products) to a vegan, which was definitely a huge change on my body so suddenly. I didn’t know how many calories to get throughout the day or even how to get those calories once I did, because of the very low-calorie count in fruits and vegetables.

My diet for the first 2 months consisted of potatoes and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  This wasn’t healthy at all and my body was breaking down. I began to look pale and lost a lot of weight because of it.

To solve this, I started researching everything the body needed, nutrient to nutrient. This really opened my eyes on how much more I had been needing to eat. I doubled my carbs, fats, and protein load and began to feel better. It’s only gotten better from there!

But as you can see, I know what it’s like to not know how to start this whole lifestyle properly or healthily. However, because I went through it, you will have some help having your transfer!

First: Assess your diet and set your goals

You need to figure out the amount of fats and calories you’re currently eating on a regular basis. This will help because it can set a basis of why you weigh the way you do. By knowing how much you weigh and the goals you have for your body, you can mend the calories that way.

Now take this calorie amount and compare it to where you want to be. If you want to lose weight, lower the calorie amount. If you want to gain weight, depending if for muscle or in general, raise the protein or calorie amount as needed. With this decided amount, you will apply it to your everyday life as a vegan as you grow and mend your goals.

Second: Begin to have vegan meals.

Start by putting certain meals in your day as your vegan meal for the day. I would recommend dinner simply because, this is the highest calorie meal of the day for most people; so, if you learn how to make this meal properly with proper nutrition and calories, the other meals will be a breeze.

Now to decide on how much calories this dinner should have, cut your whole days calories into a third, and that should be your goal for dinner. For example: If you need 3000 calories per day, have that dinner be 1000 calories.

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Third: Track your weight and calorie intake

By tracking your weight and calorie intake, you can make sure that your transfer over to veganism is a healthy and easy process on your body.

If you begin to gain weight in an unhealthy manner, lower your calorie intake; if you begin to lose weight in an unhealthy manner, raise your calorie intake. Since you will begin with only one meal, this will not be too hard to get the hang of and comprehend for yourself.\

Weight fluctuations may occur because not only the lack of large amounts of saturated fats in meals, but because of the lower amount of toxicity in the food. Now what this means to your body is, your toxins will be flushed out much easier and you may lose weight that wouldn’t naturally be there in the first place.

Fourth: Increase the amount of vegan meals

Once you start getting the hang of dinner, start to do lunch and breakfast. And REMEMBER, go at your own pace but don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. Nobody learned anything from being comfortable all the time!

Fifth: Remanence on your Accomplishment of Going VEGAN

Nice! You’ve made it completely as a vegan. Now you can start to feel the health benefits that come with being completely plant based. Remember to continuously monitor your weight (although a lot of people may say this is too much work, I only have to say who wants to be remembered as lazy and didn’t fight for what they believed in, and although it may seem hard now; it’ll help in the long run knowing your health status 24/7), simply because in many situations, people can get used to not eating whether it be from stress or depression.

Make sure you take care of your body!

Let me know in the comments below if you all are interested in me posting a detailed post about all of the nutrients we need in our body and where to find them in vegan foods!

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