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Earn Up to 500$ A Month As a Teen!

Growing up I remember the hardest part of being a kid, was earning money. I could never earn enough to do the things other kids were doing. Now that I’m all grown up, I can see some opportunities that I never took and I’m going to share them with you!

One: Lawn Mowing

I know it sounds hard, hot, and time consuming, but one of my childhood friends now owns a successful lawn care service. This all started from mowing people’s lawns from around the neighborhood. Now I know most of you won’t want to grow up to own this type of business, but It earns good money as a growing teen!

  • 20$ per Lawn
  • 5 lawns per week
  • =100$ a week
  • You could potentially be earning 400$ a month!

Two: Chores around the house

I’d be willing to bet that most of you live in a home where your parents can afford to pay you allowance for chores completed around the house. If this is truly the case, try and “negotiate” a deal with your parents.

20$ a week (go easy on them) for the dishes to be done every-night and/or taking the trash out every-night. Be creative and look for things around your house that always tends to need extra work, and offer your parents a deal to make sure it’s done!

Three: Recycling!

A lot of towns have nearby recycling centers that will pay you for the amount of cans/metal objects that you bring in. It isn’t much, but its money!

This concept can be applied on a wider scale as well offering your neighbors to do their recycling for a fixed cost, where not only do you profit from their monthly payment, you get to profit the metal you recycle at the center. It’s a win-win!

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Four: Shoveling Snow

This applies clearly to the north and winter months, but the same concept applies from the lawn care servicing. You could earn a lot of money from this for one main reason, most people are going to want their driveway shoveled all at the same time, which means you get a lot of work piled on at once. This may sound bad but it’s more profit!

This has the potential to earn hundreds in days by charging 20-40 dollars a driveway!

Five: Baby-Sitting

This is common in middle teenage years as a way to make a few extra bucks once a weekend so the parents can go out for the night and not have to worry about their kids. In nicer areas, you can earn up to 10$ an hour baby-sitting which gives a strong profit!

Most baby-sitting jobs will be about 2 hours which means, you will minimally be earning 20$ a week with one family to work with. Who said you had to limit it to one!? Once you get experience with your first family, you can go out and try and find more families to baby-sit for as well as encourage your mom to tell her friends about you.

Six: Dog Walking

One of the most rewarding jobs, dog walking. You get to enjoy the cuteness of each dog and get paid to do it! That sounds amazing to me! On average you can earn 10$ a walk per dog.

  • 10$ per dog
  • 5 dogs per week
  • =50$ a week
  • Potentially 200$ a month of earnings!

Seven: Car Washing

Once again, a long tedious job, but it pays SOO well!! You could make up to 40$ doing this simply because people don’t want to do it themselves! (You’ll find a reoccurring theme of these jobs being things people don’t want to do)

This means huge potential earnings!

  • 40$ per car
  • 3 cars per week
  • =120$ per week
  • Potentially 480$ a month!

Good luck to all you teenagers looking for extra ways to fill those pockets with cash! Let me know in the comments below if you want me to do more articles on more jobs for teens.

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