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How to Deal With Non-Vegan Family Members

I’ve been vegan for 3 years now. I completely understand what it’s like to have to deal with carnist ( this is the term vegans use to address people who consume animal products ) families.

From asking dumb questions, to trying to explain why they think meat tastes so good, I’ve seen pretty much it all. I’m sure if you’ve already gone vegan, you know what I’m talking about. Most families don’t start out vegan-friendly until many, many months or even years go by.

I’ve dealt with it over the years in different ways, but I can’t say that it didn’t bother me that my own family didn’t support it! Even though these tips may help a little bit, it won’t fix the problem completely, and that’s where your own confidence and strong-will has to come into play; to ignore that they may think its pointless even with no reason.

Tip #1: Educate yourself!

It is vital for all vegans to understand and be knowledgeable of all the facts that go into veganism. Write down or remember all of the questions or comments people say against veganism, and research why they are wrong. In my opinion, Veganism really has no downside and because I have educated myself, I am able to come back against any question or comment people have made about my lifestyle.

Simply being aware of all the facts and reasons veganism is the only lifestyle that makes sense, will help you combat any family conflict at holidays or even everyday life for the younger audience.

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Tip #2: Ignore hurtful comments

Honestly, a lot of the time when people comment about veganism they aren’t out to get you or hurt your feelings. They are probably trying to understand or think it’s funny and might get you two to have a laugh or get along better together. Most people have good intentions even when it doesn’t seem like it, especially with family.

The best way to combat these comments so people know when its not cool to say or hurts your feelings, is to just look at them and look away not in a hurtful way but just an ignoring way that communicates to them that you didn’t like that. Although don’t be mean! That will make you the bad guy in this conversation, and you shouldn’t let yourself become that!

Tip #3: Don’t be a stereotype!

Although a lot of vegans plain and simple are hippies and tree-huggers, try not to come off that way. (no shade thrown at hippies or tree-huggers, I 100% am a tree-hugger) This is because if you follow one tendency/stereotype of a lifestyle, then most people will psychologically put you in the category of all the stereotypes that come with being vegan.

This also means being strong and lean, not really skinny or weak. This is a stereotype that needs to stop because I know NO vegans that are skinny or weak; and every new vegan needs to continue the trend of not being that other skinny vegan, but a strong and lean vegan.

To make sure of this make sure to check out my article on how to find protein in vegan foods.

Good luck to everyone on educating themselves and their families! Also let me know in the comments below if you felt there was a question that still needed to be answer or any way I can add value to your day!

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