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More Productive in 3 EASY STEPS

I believe the only way to really take on the day is by having a healthy and early morning. This is because you wake up feeling productive. When the beginning of your day is productive, the rest of the day is almost sure to be productive. It’s just plain psychology, the brain likes to feel productive so once it has a taste, it won’t want to stop.

Anyone can agree, with certain days you wake up feeling empowered and you have a productive day, but it all started with the morning. I can bet anyone who had a productive day started by eating a full breakfast and started working early in the morning.

Want to learn how to have an early start to your morning without being sleep deprived? Check out this article about waking up before sunrise here!

I cannot stress the need for productivity in a day for any amount of success. In any career or inspirational future, you need to be productive and hard-working to be successful. Without productivity, success is just a dream.

Step One: Start Planning what you want to do

This needs to be done the day before every day so you don’t wake up not knowing what you will do that day. This needs to be written down in the best way for you whether it be a checklist, paragraph, or voice recording.

A good time to do this is before bed, just thinking about what you will do tomorrow so in the morning you know you have plenty of things to do. This will also make you excited for the next day so when you wake up you’ll hit the day harder, easier!

This will also prevent you from forgetting which is clearly the opposite we want to do to become more productive!

If you are having a hard time becoming motivated in the first place to try and be more productive, check out this article about finding motivation from within here!

Step Two: Don’t lose yourself

Make sure you stick on your plan for the day.  This can be easily outdone by funny cat videos or stranger things, but YOU MUST RESIST. Instead, watch videos of people talking, NOT comedy and NOT tv shows that will keep you wanting more. You should use these times of relaxation with videos to at least educate yourself and to stay attentive to the big goal on your mind, which is staying productive and taking charge of your day.

Many times, people will try and stick to a plan for the day but lose themselves from laziness. Which is understandable because we are human, but we are trying to break this habit!

I find reading a book doesn’t make me feel lazy but still give me a mental break from all the work. My recommendations for types of books are success books that teach you successful habits that keep you on track for greatness!

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Step Three: Just keep working

When you think about working, it makes you not want to work. Just get started and by default your mind is going to encourage finishing the job you started. It’s simple psychology. By getting started on a project, you double your chance of finishing it that day. Therefore, increasing your productivity for the day, making it all worthwhile!

Another way this could be taken is to consistently be trying to expand your wealth, knowledge, or skill at something. That is the healthiest way to stay busy and to keep a productive mindset.

Extra Tips:

Highly productive people always create steps for themselves, which means turning goals to steps to milestones. When you do this you overcome the idea of a huge goal when you can see exactly how you are going to reach it. You can think of it as a game plan.

Side note: A game is one of the purest ways of thinking about life. In monopoly you can’t win unless you acquire property and make others give you money. Think about everyday life, you can’t be successful unless you can provide value to people in exchange for money.

Taking breaks is crucial to productivity. Our brains use so much power, we can get depleted are the 60-90 minute mark. This means set aside time in your work day to take a 30 minute break to get up take a walk, read a book, or working out.

If you found value in this article, let me know why in the comments below! Let me know in the comments, if you have any questions or needs to be answered that weren’t in this article. I’d be happy to help!

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