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A Must Read to Convince Your Partner to Workout

We all have had those times you really wanted your partner to lift with you not to better their appearance but so they could understand your passion for weightlifting (If you are wanting to make your partner to lift so their physical appearance is better, then they probably aren’t the right partner for you and vice versa).

Lifting doesn’t just bring strength or endurance, it comes with confidence, healthy living, good attitude, and overall positive vibes in almost every aspect. Of course, the first few times, your partner probably won’t like it because they will be in so much pain from the soreness!


Most people really don’t know the benefits of working out, other than the very general saying, “It’s healthy for you”. Starting a conversation about how great you feel after workouts and how much clearer your mind is throughout the day afterwards is a great start to get them thinking about how it would apply to them.

Naturally, if they knew you before and after you started working out, they will have for sure seen the difference in your attitude to things and motivation to do things. This would be a huge alibi if this is the case.

You can also send them informational articles about working out and the effects on the body and mind for short and long terms. Most people don’t want to just see long term effects so make sure to show the short-term effects!

If they only know the long-term effects, they won’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for a long time.


Simply ask them if they want to join you at the gym. The gym can be a very fun place (If you’re doing a muscle group that doesn’t make your face scrunch up terribly of course!) for couples to relate and learn things about each other, not only physically but mentally with their perseverance.

Most likely, your partner will say yes! That’s because they will probably think it’ll be a fun experience or a replacement for a past experience with someone they were less comfortable with or someone who didn’t teach them properly.

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How to not hurt their feelings:

For women who workout and their partner doesn’t, I would highly recommend caution with how you approach him about working out. Just because he might feel intimidated by the situation he is put in, and it probably won’t end too well.

I recommend announcing every time you go to the gym, which will affect him more than you would think. He will be comparing his body with yours subconsciously and will catch you one day and ask to join. 9 times out of 10 his ego won’t want you to become stronger than him.

If that doesn’t work, show your progress to him weekly. A lot of guys have already tried going to the gym but gave up quickly because they didn’t see progress. But, you need to show him by sticking with the gym, he WILL see progress.

It’ll give him hope and maybe convince him to turn it to a habit!

Final tips for women, addressing it directly doesn’t work a lot of the time, but subtle hints will make them feel like they are wanting to workout and improve their health.

For men who workout and their partner doesn’t, you can educate and invite a woman to go but from experience it is very hard to guilt/ego your way to making them workout. Women don’t have the same type of ego as men, they don’t need to feel strong (although I know a few and it’s awesome!). Saying you’re going to the gym doesn’t do the same amount of impact on them.

For men, it’ll subconsciously make them think about what they are doing with themselves vs. For women, it’ll make them feel proud to be the girlfriend of a man who takes care of himself and is dedicated to something, but will not feel motivated to follow in the same footsteps (of course there are exceptions).

So, my tips for men trying to convince their partner is to follow the education tip and simply ask if they’d like to join and to try to butter them up to go with you.

(Sorry for any LGBTQ readers, I did not mean to offend anyone who feels they were not represented, for the most part this advice will help depending on what gender your partner identifies as)


Although these tips are AMAZING and should work on anyone, you know your partner the best and you can be the only one who determines how you should approach things based on their sensitivity levels. You should take only what you think would be useful for YOUR partner in specific.

Finally, good luck to anyone trying to encourage their partner to practice lifting and climb toward their goals.

Comment down below if you want to see more encouragement posts with the gym or other goals.

Share this so other people can see how to lead a better lifestyle of living for not only themselves but for their partner!

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