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How to Start Your Very Own Blog

How to Start Your Very Own Blog!

I’m already SUPER happy you’re here, because that means you’re interested in taking control of your life and working the way YOU want to.

Blogging opens up so many opportunities such as meeting like-minded individuals, earning a passive income working hours convenient to you specifically, and spreading information and passions you LOVE to people.

Not all fun and games

Although, it isn’t always fun and games. In the beginning you are going to have to put in those extra hours. You are going to have to squeeze in as much work as you can in between shifts and your family. And you’re going to have to work your butt off if you have truly want an income from it! Click Here to see my income report for Decembre 2017!

More advice on how to truly earn success blogging coming soon!

Now to the nitty gritty of how to start your own self-hosting blog!

Pull Up Bluehost

Click on any image to be taken to the Bluehost website!

This is the start of making the blog, Bluehost is a self-hosting service that is AWESOME for bloggers.

As we’ll see in a later section, they have one click connecting to WordPress. Which for those who don’t know, is an awesome software that gives bloggers thousands of formats for their website so you have plenty to choose from!

From here you want to press the big “Get Started Now” button which will take you to the following page.

Pick Your Plan

Here you have a few choices, you have cheap and cheaper!

You have a choice between the $3.95 plan or the $5.95 plan. The reason I am saying only one $5.95 plan, is because there is no price difference between the plus and prime plan, so why not get the best one?

Personally, I went with the $3.95 plan simply put, I’m on a budget.

For the rest of you, I imagine you don’t exactly want to spend boatloads on your website so the $3.95 plan will do for you. It’s still good; it’s just not the plan with the most benefits!

If you start getting more money  and want those extra add-ons, you can add them onto your plan at any time (with a cost of course)!

After you’ve selected your plan, it’ll take you to the following page.

Pick a Domain

Here, you want to pick your domain.

I recommend choosing a domain that matches your niche!

Your niche is the topics you will be blogging about! For example, the niches for this blog is Lifestyle, Business, Fitness, and How to Blog.

This matches my domain because all topics have the aim of climbing towards something. Whether it be aiming to grow yourself as an individual or climbing toward your dream body, it’s all climbing towards a goal.

More on finding your niche and domain to match coming soon!

After you’ve figured out your domain, you’ll want to type it into the box on the left which will make sure nobody else has that domain. If it confirms it, you’re good to go! It’ll then take you to the following page.

Set Up Your Account

Here, you’ll create your account. You’ll need to fill out everything, except the business part. Only if you are making a blog for your business will you need that.

Next, you’ll have to click the drop down on account plan. This will let you choose the length of time you’ll be paying for.

BlueHost also gives you the opportunity to get add-ons, with your plan.

Personally, again, I didn’t go with the expensive options. I got no add-ons and paid for the 12-month plan. It made it a ton cheaper and was better for me in the long run, simply because of my budget. Which I’m sure you can relate to.

After filling out the blanks for your account information and choosing your plan and add-ons in the package information, you’ll be brought to the following page.

Fill Out Payment Info

Now, the time you’ve been dreading. PAYMENT

Here, of course, is where you’ll finish signing up by paying for your website to be created.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions to see exactly what rights you have and what you need to watch out for!

After agreeing with the terms and clicking submit, you’ll get to create your password.

Create Your Password

Here, you’ll click the BIG GREEN BUTTON.

Which will take you HERE.

This where the actual password will be put in!

I recommend showing the password and taking a picture of it (you should DM it to me on Instagram, no reason! Just in case ya know! LOL). I highly recommend the picture part though, because I forgot my password for my account….. TWICE.

So AFTER you’ve taken your picture, by agreeing to the terms and clicking “Next”, you’ll be taken to the success/login page.


From here, you’ll want to log in.

Pick a Theme


You’ll then be taken directly to this page.

This is where you’ll start creating your site. By picking a theme, you start the process of making your site your own!

The theme is just a template and you can do hundreds of things to the themes to make them customized exactly how you want.

You even have a choice, after you pick the theme, to upgrade to the custom theme version of the template. Which will make THOUSANDS of changes/option available.

But I recommend you hold on for that, simply because you want to establish a following then make the beauty of your blog better and better later.

After picking your awesome theme, you’ll be taken to the WordPress building page.

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Starting With WordPress

All you need to do here is click the “WordPress Builder” button. Which will take you here.

You should definitely choose business in this option if you want to expand and make this a living/income.

If you are looking for a fun blog, to post things because you enjoy it, do personal!

For people taking this serious and treating their blog like a business, choose business. It opens up options, such as SSL certificates, which make your site seem more reliable and legit.


This is the time to start customizing your site the way you want to. Do not click Launch until you are ready.

This means going to the top left of the site, clicking customize and going to work on the site. You’ll see a lot of different options to change things. You can play around with that and figure out exactly how you want it to look.

One big thing I had an issue with was creating a menu including categories (I’m going to explain how to fix it really quick just so you don’t have to search around).

First hover over appearance and choose menus. Next, click “create a new menu”. You’ll then have to name the menu. Click “Create”. Then start choosing the types of pages/categories/posts/custom links you want in the menu. Then in the customize mode, you can choose to put that menu as your main menu.

You should also start adding blog posts. My best advice is to have 15-25 solid blog posts, the more the better.

This way, visitors will have more than just one blog post to look around on.

Launch Your Site

Once you’re ready to launch your site, you can click the launch button!

BlueHost will then ask you for your site name and description. This information will show up at the top of your page.

Climb Toward Success

Now that you have launched your personalized blog, you’ll want to work like you’ve never worked before.

You’ll need to put in those extra hours.

Squeeze extra writing in when you can.

Network all the time.

And practice different strategies all the time.

More on Blogging Strategies coming soon!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more questions about starting your own blog or if you are stuck on a part and need some assistance. I’d be more than happy to help!






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