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How to Start Going to the Gym – Mind Tricks

How to Start Going to the Gym Every Day

So you want to start going to the gym every day but find it hard to actually commit.

Going to the gym can have a lot of health benefits, both short-term and long-term. It can benefit you mentally, improve your bone and muscular structure tremendously, and prevent disease and cancer.

I understand that you find it hard to START going to the gym every day, but you first need to stop thinking about it as an in-achievable goal that can only be done if you find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Going to the Gym

The hardest part of going to the gym, is to get out of your house and into your car to get there.

It’s VERY easy to convince yourself to workout AT the gym, once you get there of course. But the comfort of your home can be enough to prevent you from going at all.

Which is okay!! I get it. It’s hard to convince yourself in the beginning and that’s why we are having this discussion!

Create a Habit

Now eventually the goal will be to create the gym as your habit and mindset, but right now you haven’t developed that habit yet.

One way a friend of mine convinced himself to go to the gym, was to take pre-workout.

Now if you’ve ever taken pre-workout, you know that if you don’t go to the gym you’re going to be bouncing off the walls in no time at all.

This way, he will have no choice but to go to the gym or he’ll have too much energy for comfort. THIS is a habit to trick himself to go to the gym.

Another friend of mine, he would watch a workout video of his favorite YouTuber.

Now for him, this convinced him because not only did he see a man he wanted to look like someday, he would have adrenaline pumping through him because of the sympathy one naturally has from watching workout/inspirational videos.

So this way, he didn’t have energy to go to the gym but what he did have was motivation and inspiration. He saw someone he wanted to look like, wanted to be as strong as, and wanted to be as successful as and that was enough to convince him to go.

Apply this to your life.

If you find yourself being a person of a lot of sympathy, try the workout/inspirational video trick! It’ll put you in their mindset temporarily, and after a while you’ll naturally be in that mindset.

If you aren’t naturally a sympathetic person, or if you don’t understand the hype behind inspirational videos, try out the preworkout habit! I highly doubt you will be able to fight the urge to workout after you drink it.

You won’t really have much of a choice after that now will you?

Fixing Your Mindset

Now the way I worded the last section might be a little misleading to you.

I made it sound like you REALLY didn’t want to go, but what I meant to make it sound like was just extra push to make you go.

When you can create a habit/ritual for before you go, going will become much easier and natural for you.

Once that natural tendency comes along, the mindset is something you need to work on.

For example, a friend of mine HATED the gym because he always felt like he was suffering for no reason.

That mindset alone can ruin someone’s motivation to go to the gym at all.

Because his mindset was PUNISHMENT.

You can’t have this mindset. There is literally no room for that mindset because it overpowers any other thoughts you have about the gym.

Think of the gym as an investment, a long-term reward, and once you go for long enough it’ll become a short-term reward as well. This is because you will get more endorphins throughout the workout and feel better as a whole throughout.

When you create the image in your head that the gym is a reward for your mind and body, that’s when it’ll become much easier to go regularly.

Apply this to your life!

One way I have known to create a mindset is to put it on a sticky note.

Put that sticky note somewhere you look every single day. When you mentally reassure yourself everyday, you can mend your mind to do anything.

For example, you can write, “I love going to the gym” or “The gym gives me a rush like nothing else”. Something POSITIVE about the gym and will make you feel like your efforts are put to good use.

Educate Yourself

A reason I find common in individuals is, they don’t know much about how to really gain/lose weight, they don’t know how to isolate muscle groups, or they don’t know how to have a healthy split for their week.

This is something I plan to write more about so you can have direct links to learning about each subject, so stay tuned for that information!

You need to go out and read up a lot about how you really gain/lose weight and don’t look at the fad diet websites. They never work.

I can tell you one thing however, if you want to gain weight you simply need to eat more calories than you are burning. It’s simple science and vice versa. If you are trying to lose weight, eat less calories than you are burning.

It doesn’t matter how many carbs you eat, how much protein you cut out, how little junk food you eat, or how healthy you eat. If you eat less calories than you burn or eat more calories than you burn, you WILL lose/gain weight.

Disclaimer, the way you eat will affect the way you look (muscle tightness, loose skin, glowing skin, etc…) but it is a fact about weight gain and weight loss.

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