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How a Viral Post Changed my View on Blogging

February Income Report

I’m writing this income report not to show off my earnings or to brag about my blog, but to provide resources for people who are also thinking about starting a blog of their own ( not that there is much to brag about ). This will explain exactly why a viral post changed my view on blogging as a whole.

When I was first starting out to think about having a blog of my own, income reports were a HUGE thing I read up on. I wanted to see the possibilities of having a blog of my own and how other people were doing it successfully.

They gave me so much hope that I could one day live life the way I wanted to live, not some corporate boss that tells me how my schedule is made!

I hope with this information, you can see how you can apply some of the strategies and work ethics to your own blog to grow in the same way or better than I did! If not, comment down below or email me directly if you have some questions that could help you out on your own blog!


February was an incredible month for ClimbingToward as a brand.

One of my posts went viral for a week and it grew my page views tremendously. In total I got 4,184 views in that month alone. That’s almost 10 times as much as last month’s!

Having a post go viral was a crazy experience for me not only because of the views, but the experience of understanding why and how it happens.

When a post goes viral, it typically isn’t for long. It’ll be spreading like wildfire for a week or two straight, but afterwards your views will go back down to normal.

So when a post goes viral it’s your job to figure out a way to keep them coming back! More on that coming soon!


This month was a slow month for income, but a good month for traffic. You win and you lose!


Adsense: $4.78

Sadly this was the only income source that increased this month!

However, I am working on a full blogging course behind the scenes to get new future bloggers from start to successful quick with everything you need to know to be successful blogging!


Hosting: $163.20

Convertkit: $29.00

Boardbooster: $10.00

Total Expenses: $202.20

NET Income: -$197.42

Biggest loss since I started this Blogging Journey.

Honestly, it was very discouraging to have lost so much money so quickly all for a blog.

But because I am working on future income sources, it makes me realize it’ll be okay AND worth it in the end.


Traffic – 2k page views **REACHED** I ended with 4,184 views

Instagram – 160 followers **REACHED** I ended with 161 followers

Pinterest – 80 followers **REACHED** I ended with 91 followers

Facebook Likes – 40 **REACHED** I ended with exactly 40 likes

Email Subscribers – 20 **NOT REACHED** I ended with 16 subs

Income – $200 **NOT REACHED** I ended with $4.78

As you can see, most of the goals set for February were reached except for email subs and Income!

For those of you who have read last month’s income report, you know I didn’t reach my goal for Pinterest subs of the month. However, I still stuck with the same goal I had for my second month blogging and still reached it!

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Goals for next month:

Page Views – 4k ( I know what you’re thinking, “But Carl! You hit that this month!”. I’m trying to see if I can do it again without a post going viral!)

Instagram followers – 240

Facebook Likes – 60

Pinterest Followers – 120

Email Subs – 30

Income – $500


The reason this month changed my views on blogging was because of my viral post.

This viral post got me to the point of less worrying on individual views and how many I will reach in a day, to focusing on scheduling pins, getting the best content out there and interacting with other bloggers.

I began to think in abundance, instead of so small. Because I was thinking big, I stopped thinking about how I was going to promote my posts. I did however start thinking about how I was going to keep my audience coming back.

Because of this thinking, I have grown many different social medias AND started a blogging course on how you can learn to blog too.

This thinking has changed everything about how I blog and I can only see myself working harder because of this experience!

3 strategies I emphasized this month that you should integrate into your blog is consistency, persistence, and interaction.

Consistency – Everyone knows how key it is to consistently update your blog. AT LEAST once a week. It really doesn’t help your blog at all to do less than that.

You will not get the extra exposure you want, and you will not show up on google results as much because your blog won’t be as ‘active’.

Not only with posting on your blog, but you need to make sure you are consistently updating all your social media platforms and consistently connecting with other bloggers in the same niche.

Persistance – Blogging can be hard. Like REALLY hard. That’s what makes it so great though.

If you can get past the line where everyone else would quit… That’s when you’ve won. Only when you will be willing to do what the competition will not.

Make it a goal to do one thing that the competition will not every single day, and by the end of the week you will be 7 steps ahead.

Interaction – You need to interact with other bloggers in your niche. It may seems pointless now, but that’s because you haven’t reached the point of where their connection will be useful for you.

Make another goal to comment on 5 blog’s per day or check out my daily checklist for bloggers to increase connection quickly and correctly down below!

The resources I used to grow my blog so quickly are listed as following:


Disclosure and quick interruption – I started my blog on Bluehost and have now partnered with them to get you a huge discount rate. If you purchase hosting through the link on this post, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. They are a great service and I’m happy to promote them!

I used BlueHost as my Self-Hosting service company. Honestly they helped a lot because I thought it was going to be SO HARD to start my blog. I had believed that I was going to need to start learning to code to get my own website if I ever wanted to make a business out of it.

When I first heard about BlueHost, I was skeptic about it because it was so cheap! $3.95 a MONTH! How could they possibly provide a quality service for so cheap??

I’m so glad I read up more about their service because they make setting up your website SO SIMPLE.

They have it set up to where you purchase and create your account ( you pay on a yearly basis, just a heads up! ) and you can connect to WordPress with a few simple clicks if you don’t know coding! Perfect for people excited to start a blog, but not wanting to learn code!

For people who don’t know what WordPress is, WordPress is a website building program/software that already has thousands of styles to choose from! It gives you a lot of opportunity to make your website your own!

I highly recommend BlueHost to anyone thinking about setting up a website of their own! You can click here or click the banner below to get started NOW!

Click here to go to my post about how to set up your own blog for a step by step guide to setting it up through the link above!

Convertkit –

Convertkit is an email newsletter service made simple. I’m not completely aware of how mailchimp or other email newsletter programs work, but this one is amazing.

Convertkit is also SUPER simple to use, it allows you to send emails, set up sequences, create forms to apply to your posts, and set up landing pages. This is vital to bloggers, because the goal is to have reoccurring readers to your blog.

Convertkit makes this possible. It helps create loyal readers and possible future clients/customers.

If you are thinking about starting a blog and need an email newsletter program, I will always highly recommend Convertkit!


Disclaimer and quick interuption – Tailwindapp is what I use to schedule pins throughout the day and I am happy to promote them. If you use the link provide on any mentioning of Tailwind, we will both earn one month free of their premium service. is a great scheduling service that provides a lot of tools.

Tailwind has tribes, which are free-to-join groups and help promote your content among other bloggers who may have a bigger following. Tribes have Increased my reach by 10k monthly viewers within days! Not exaggerating!!

However Tailwind is the expert in scheduling, it has optimized times for scheduling pins, interval scheduling, and related pins menus that help you find content quicker that your audience would love!

The optimized times allows you to get your content out to the most amount of people at the best time of day. You have the option to stay at the standard amount of pins or choose how many you want to post in a day and it finds all the best times for you.

Interval scheduling is something that helps your exposure tremendously! It puts your content out at different times, and something about pinterest’s algorithm loves that! It increases the amount of people who see your content immediately.

Related pins is a menu that pops up after you schedule a pin. You either love or hate it, but I definitely love it. As I am pinning hundreds of pins a day, related pins helps find pins quicker to get this quota reached faster!


Disclaimer and quick interuption – BoardBooster is what I use to loop pins throughout the day and I am happy to promote them. If you use the link provide on any mentioning of BoardBooster, we will both earn 5$ (500 pins) of their premium service.

Now BoardBooster is a great service for LOOPING. It has scheduled pinning similar to Tailwindapp, but Tailwindapp is much, much superior.

BoardBooster makes you create separate secret boards to schedule to your normal public boards and it makes everything confusing. Don’t use it for scheduling, save yourself the hassle.

However, BoardBooster has one feature that is fantastic and Tailwindapp doesn’t have. Looping.

Looping takes your boards with hundreds or thousands of pins, and re-pins your old pins you pinned many months ago to that board. From oldest to youngest, your followers will not see repeat pins simply because they are so old.

This is an awesome tool because it is automatic and you just adjust the settings, and it loops as much as you schedule it to. Unlike Tailwindapp which you have to manually schedule things.

Get it now!

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2 comments on “How a Viral Post Changed my View on Blogging

  1. Thanks for such an in-depth post about your blogging journey!!! I feel pretty discouraged getting only like 1500 views a month, but it’s nice to see we all start out that way 🙂
    Can’t wait to read your reports when you hit 100k viewers!!! You’re getting closer every month, yay!!

    1. Thank you so much steph! I’m glad you found some value in what I said! We all do start out that way and it will for sure get better and better! Hope to see you along side me for that journey!

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