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6 Things to do After You Get a Viral Post

Okay so You Got a Viral Post, What Now?

Most bloggers think that it’s easy to get a viral post, let alone keeping the audience around.

When in reality, making a viral post is one of the biggest problems as a blogger.

Keeping the audience around and coming back is a complete other monster.

But because my blog has recently hit a new high of viral posts, I want to share how I improved my return rate from those visitors. You can see the post where I talk about the strategies I used to get a viral post here!

Without further ado, lets talk strategy!

Have Good Subscribe-able Content

See it’s easy to have content on your page that people will be willing to click on and MAYBE follow through to become a subscriber.

BUT the REAL challenge is creating a freebie that people HAVE to click on because it would be dumb not to! Such a valuable resource to them, there is no hesitation between reading the freebie and signing up.

Now how do YOU get good subscribe-able content?

Well first you can’t think about the content as such a valuable resource that it should be a post, or think you need to make it less valuable because then you can make more time to write for your blog.

But reality is, if you are not providing the same quality resource to you email subscribers as you are for your blog, then those subscribers will not stay long in that list if they even sign up!

Write/film content that people think is so useful they should stay in the email list and keep coming back.

More on what you should send your email list here!

Have a Good Consistent Theme to Your Blog and Social Medias


It’s hard! I’m still struggling too!

But it is crucial to success with looking professional and welcoming for new visitors.

If you want people to recognize your brand from that point on, you can’t confuse them with different types of looks for your multiple platforms.

Having people be able to recognize your brand through your style on Pinterest, or any other platform for that matter, is the ultimate goal when a post goes viral.

This is because as soon as they go to your page, they get the chance to learn what your blog is all about just through the first few moments!

And a theme doesn’t necessarily mean the same color scheme, but more for what your goal is and what you provide to readers.

Whether this be teaching them how to blog or training people to push the limits of their physical life.

Keep Promoting It

Just because you got it to go viral doesn’t mean it’s going to keep being viral.

Keep doing the exact same type of promoting you did for that post to go viral until it start to die down.

If you keep promoting it to the max, you can get the most exposure and lead your blog closer to being a recognizable blog that people trust (referring to the branding section)

If you stop promoting it just because it has reached that point, you lose the oppurtuinity you would have had if you kept promoting it!

Let’s say because you stopped promoting it early and the views dropped much earlier, but if you would have waited a little longer you would have been pinned by a much bigger Pinterest-Pinner. You miss out on all that possible traffic!

Don’t Depend on That Post’s Views

One thing I notice is, once a post goes viral, bloggers will slow down their promotion of their posts, especially the posts that aren’t viral.

Posts can go viral for any reason, whether its because of seasonal needs or new social terms that allow it to be.

No reason includes that it was because it was posted recently.

Any post can go viral, even your first post! You just need to keep up with promoting it so maybe one day you will find it to be the most successful post.

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Don’t Expect it to Last Forever

Viral posts are just that. Viral. But virality (is that a word??) is temporary!

Don’t lose hope for your blog once your viral post starts losing traction!

I know that it can be so discouraging when three days ago you were getting 800 views a day and now you are getting 100! It sucks!

You worked so hard to get this post viral and stay viral, but now it’s losing traction.

But to be completely honest that’s just the cycle of posts. They slowly gain traction for a few days, then skyrocket in views, then finally start dying down.

Circle of Virality (if that can be sung in anyway like the ‘Circle of life’ video it and send it to me, I would find that so funny)

Again referring to the Promoting section, just do your best to keep promoting it to the best of your ability and you’ll make the most of that viral post.

Keep Working on More Viral Content

Never give up on working for more viral content!

Even if a post goes up and goes viral, it does not mean every post you write will go viral and vice versa, you can’t give up on writing quality posts that may go viral right after that post dies down!

If you can have multiple posts go viral at the same time or back to back, you will have a very secure way to grow your blog.

You can use this huge traffic source to grow your course exposure or whatever you offer to increase your income for one!

Let me know in the comments below if you found a certain tip very beneficial or if you have any questions about improving your viral post use!


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