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Why Vero is Revolutionizing Social Media

Why Vero is Revolutionizing The Opportunity to Connect

As a blogger, there is a lot of social media tasks we need to complete on a daily basis. Whether it’s Facebook or Pinterest, it takes a lot of time each day to promote your blog properly.

Vero is different though. It’s not based off of promotion. It’s simply based off of connecting.

It allows you to connect with others, share topics such as a book you’re reading or music you love lately, or talk with your following.

It’s a different type of relationship between followers and the blogger.

A Different Type of Connection

I strongly believe connecting with your audience is key to becoming successful blogging.

Allowing the connection to develop will make your audience begin to trust you.

That trust will lead to sales, loyal fans, and potentially a sustainable income!

My favorite part about Vero is way they go about sharing and connecting.

It allows you to share the topics you are liking currently, without having to add a filter or more nonsense like Instagram does.

It also makes it much easier to talk with your following if they have questions, or if they simply want to reach out with an opportunity!

And that is truly how connection starts with your audience. If you consistently connect with your audience, more people are going to want to become a part of this community.

How It Works

After you sign up, you can customize your profile (I know! Crazy right!). Just because I’ve seen it with some bloggers not putting their blog in their bio because there is no designated spot, if you type your blog in your bio, it will auto-center and become a hyperlink so it will still look professional.

Right away how it works is, if you want to add a post, it’ll give you a choice between 6 things: Camera, Link, Music, Movie/TV, Book, and Place

Why this is so different is because it’s not based off of what you want people to see you doing. It’s based off of what you are actually doing and what you want to share for others!

Why It’s Revolutionizing Social Media

Have you heard of a platform that is based off of personal experiences and promotion for personal interest?

How about a platform that allows you to connect with other individuals as well as earn followers (yes they are different!)?

Okay, what about a platform with no ads?

This is all a part of Vero.

It has no advertisements. So the focus is always to adding something of immense value to the world.

The connection it allows is completely different because of the power it puts in the hands of the followers.

The followers can chat with you any time and with ease because it’s set up to have quick comments and quick responses.

And the final fact of sharing what you like currently or are interested in will attract like-minded individuals AKA your audience.

Why You Need It to Stay Ahead as a Blogger

Have you seen the famous viners, that are now B and A list celebrities?

Yes they are very talented and worked hard for that, but they also all have something in common.

They all started early. To take full advantage of a social media, you must be early and be consistent with quality communication with your following.

Now I’m not saying you are guaranteed success on a platform if you start early. It’s just you have a much higher chance to grow your following to a famous level.

To fully take advantage of this platform, start NOW. Post personal posts and be consistent just like every other social media platform!

Try and provide value to people through the books and music you promote!

Using 9-11 hashtags looks to be the best number of hashtags for this version’s algorithm! Who knows what it’ll be in the future!

Also go ahead and connect with me @ Carl E Vivanco!

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