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Why and How I Use Tailwind AND Boardbooster

Why and How I Use Tailwind AND Boardbooster

New bloggers! If you don’t know exactly how to promote your Pins on Pinterest, this is the post for you!

I’m going to go in depth of how to follow my strategy of using these two pinning tools to get you up to 300k reach!

I’ve fallen for both Tailwind and Boardbooster HARD, because they both provide so much value to bloggers.

Of course for different reasons than the other!

What is Tailwind?

Disclaimer and quick interuption – Tailwindapp is what I use to schedule pins throughout the day and I am happy to promote them. If you use the link provide on any mentioning of Tailwind, we will both earn one month free of their premium service. is a great scheduling service that provides a lot of tools.

Tailwind has tribes, which are free-to-join groups and help promote your content among other bloggers who may have a bigger following. Tribes have Increased my reach by 10k monthly viewers within days! Not exaggerating!!

However Tailwind is the expert in scheduling, it has optimized times for scheduling pins, interval scheduling, and related pins menus that help you find content quicker that your audience would love!

The optimized times allows you to get your content out to the most amount of people at the best time of day. You have the option to stay at the standard amount of pins or choose how many you want to post in a day and it finds all the best times for you.

Interval scheduling is something that helps your exposure tremendously! It puts your content out at different times, and something about pinterest’s algorithm loves that! It increases the amount of people who see your content immediately.

Related pins is a menu that pops up after you schedule a pin. You either love or hate it, but I definitely love it. As I am pinning hundreds of pins a day, related pins helps find pins quicker to get this quota reached faster!

What is Boardbooster?

Disclaimer and quick interuption – BoardBooster is what I use to loop pins throughout the day and I am happy to promote them. If you use the link provide on any mentioning of BoardBooster, we will both earn 5$ (500 pins) of their premium service.

Now BoardBooster is a great service for LOOPING. It has scheduled pinning similar to Tailwindapp, but Tailwindapp is much, much superior.

BoardBooster makes you create separate secret boards to schedule to your normal public boards and it makes everything confusing. Don’t use it for scheduling, save yourself the hassle.

However, BoardBooster has one feature that is fantastic and Tailwindapp doesn’t have. Looping.

Looping takes your boards with hundreds or thousands of pins, and re-pins your old pins you pinned many months ago to that board. From oldest to youngest, your followers will not see repeat pins simply because they are so old.

This is an awesome tool because it is automatic and you just adjust the settings, and it loops as much as you schedule it to. Unlike Tailwindapp which you have to manually schedule things.

The Strategy I Use to Optimize my Pinterest Account

Personally, I use Boardbooster for JUST the looping. This is because, to schedule pinning with Boardbooster, you have to go through such a hassle just to get it done.

Boardbooster’s looping though, is awesome. It allows you to reloop your old pins from months to even years ago, so you get more exposure without annoying your followers by having them see the same thing again! The pins are too old so they never will!

I typically loop 25 pins per board throughout the day. This gets me the bare minimum exposure I need to be consistent.

On top of Boardbooster, I use Tailwind to schedule my pins.

I pin around 150 pins a day through Tailwind to multiple different boards, so my profile is always active.

Honestly, if you stick to this and the 80/20 rule, you will max out your exposure benefits among Pinterest and you will get so much more views through it.

Another tip

Post in the Tailwind Tribe section. All this does is increase your chances of going viral and having people share your content.

This works especially well if your Pinterest images are consistent and compelling.

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